Monday, November 12, 2012

Legally Crooked......the

This book is totally revised from my 1990 edition.

Everything that I stated about the NYSE specialist system was proven correct. Does the problem of control still persist? Yes, it does. However, the people and entities that have taken over control from the specialists are now even more dangerous, because these forces have more capital and more network resources than what was true of the NYSE specialist system. However, consider that the specialist firms have all been taken over by the big banks and big brokerage houses. While the principles of market control remain the same, it becomes important for investors to realize how these new big players are employing their strategy against public investors. The financial vampire system continues. It is all legal under the law, but it is also very ethically crooked. Every investor should know how the game is being played by these Wall Street vampires which includes the big banks, brokerage houses and the financial news media. 

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Political Insider Forces

It was obvious that the inside force within the Democrat Party was on the side of Obama against Clinton. Those inside forces made sure that Florida would not could for Clinton. Those inside forces also made sure that Obama got as many of the questionable votes as possible from certain primaries. The inside force of the Democrat Party stood for socialism or perhaps even bordered on communism. That was the realitiy of what occurred in 2008.

The situation is no different now with the Republican Party. The inside force within the Republican Party does not want a political outsider like Herman Cain to win the nomination. The force within the Republican Party will even work to discredit any Republican candidate that does not fit the acceptable profile. The inside force within each party wants only to back the candidate that can be under the control of the party's prime objective. Outsiders need not run.

This means that the Republican Party wants Romney to run. This has already become evident with certain political leaders endorsing Romney. The Republican Party will discredit any opponent to Romney by whatever means possible. As a deep conservative, I find all of this to be disgusting. Instead of voting for the best there is, I will find myself voting for the lesser of two evils. I am so tired of all this political corruption from both parties. In the end, it comes down to choosing between complete failure and lack of conviction. I pray that our nation can survive this.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Never Cut Yourself Short

One time when I was in college, I had this economics course where the instructor allowed one test to be dropped or not taken. I needed an A to transfer to the university. I was sitting between an A and a B. I was feeling negative about this particular test. I remember standing by the classroom door trying to decide whether or not to go through the agony of taking this test. I had the choice of not taking it. Why not just leave and go have a coffee and relax instead I asked myself. I just felt so negative about the material involved with this test. What should I do? Finally, it came time for the instructor to close the door for the test. Somehow, I slid into the room as the door went shut. I sat down. What the heck! I could always just leave if I wanted to.

I drudged through the test taking my best guesses. I was one of the last to leave the room. I agonizingly handed the paper onto the pile. I just felt that this grade was going to be an embarrassment. Even though it would not count, it would still be an embarrassment I felt.

At the next class, the instructor handed the corrected tests back to the students. He always placed them face down. I picked up the paper and flipped it slowly. I could feel the tension of my blood pumping. Oh, my god! It was an A.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stock Market Reality: Legally Crooked

For years I have been preaching about the crookedness of the stock market. I said that the stock specialist system was crooked, and I was proven correct over the last two years. When the specialist firms began to crumble under each government probe, I stated that the problem was not going to be solved. I stated on my website that one crooked system was going to be replaced with another crooked system. As one crooked entity goes out, another will take its place. The evolution of this process actually creates a more sophisticated system of moral corruption. While investors are made to believe that the expulsion of a crooked entity is a great accomplishment, they do not see reality through the illusion. As one crook is sacrificed by the system, a more evolved form of the virus takes over.

Unfortunately, the crooks of Wall Street operate with a license, an SEC license. This is what makes the whole system legally crooked. The issuance of an SEC license makes it legal while the lack of ethics and morality makes it crooked. The greed to make money by whatever means seems to supercede the satisfaction of being moral and ethical.

Consider that analysts are employed by brokerage houses and that many of these are now owned by banks and other major financial institutions. Do you truly believe that there is no problem with this system of doing business?

Consider also that the futures market which trades when the NYSE is closed during the night is traded on such light volume that people with capital power can easily control the price. Do you think that maybe there is not a problem with this? There are times when the overnight futures are either way up or way down. The media will always have an excuse for this. However, consider also that the stock market channels are also under the control of powerful financial institutions such as GE.

When all of these things are considered, you should easily realize that it does not require a master detective like the TV Columbo or Monk to detect a strong possibility of foul play.

The market is geared to deceive investors into doing the wrong thing. While at the top of a bull market, both analysts and the media get people to fully invest. While at the bottom of a bear market, it becomes the reverse. I find it amazing that both the analysts and the media may be employed by those who are doing the exact opposite of what the investors are being told to do.